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So what is natural healing? Natural healing is the conscious awareness that your body heals itself, that it needs certain compounds to heal and that there is more than just the physical body that needs to be healed. The purpose of the business Natural Healing Tramore is to help you to bring all aspects of your health back into balance. Are you in physical pain? Are you carrying emotional pain from the past? Have you experienced a bereavement? Are you carrying anger or anxiety from past experiences? Are you in control of your mind or is it controlling you? 


Natural Healing Tramore's total function is to identify the source of your stress, whether that is physical, mental or emotional, bring it into focus and using a combination of the worlds most advanced pain relief technology, the Pain Genie and a form of hands on healing, the Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy System©;  we bring up and release this stress, this "dis-ease", where your body is not "at ease". This combination allows your body to come back into balance again, naturally. Using a combination of vibrational therapy, advice on diet, exercise, simple breathwork, visualisation and mental exercises, it is truly amazing what you can achieve for your own recovery into wellness. For ultimately you heal yourself, body, mind and soul, anyone else is only a guide. Natural Healing Tramore works with other professionals in the Tramore community to help guide you to total health and overall well-being.   

 Natural healing Tramore links the elements Earth,Air, Fire & Water to Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional wellbeing.

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