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The business Natural Healing Tramore is the brainchild of James O’Sullivan, a Vibrational Therapist and healer from Tramore, Co. Waterford. James has been studying all aspects of Natural Health now for over 10 years, subjects including psychology, sociology, quantum physics, vibrational medicine, nutrition, shamanism, visualisation & breathwork techniques, mindfulness techniques, facilitation techniques, sound therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki and many more subjects. Due to his diverse range of studies, he has managed to develop a very sound and effective understanding of how the four bodies interact and affect every individual. Physical, MentalSpiritualEmotional bodies – representing, Earth, AirFire & Water.

Due to James’s own deep trauma earlier in life, James found himself on a journey of self discovery to heal himself. Determined not to go down the conventional route of Newtonian medicine(ingesting chemicals), he decided to seek out a natural way to rid himself of his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and deep depression he suffered from for many years. After visiting and experiencing many types of different healers, counsellors & therapists, during a facilitation training course in the Wicklow mountains in the summer of 2013, James realised that to be fully in balance and healthy, all four bodies had to be in balance. Physical, MentalSpiritualEmotional balance. If any of these bodies are out of whack, then you are out of whack.

Further study after the facilitation weekend brought James to the work of Dr Richard Gerber and his amazing manual, Vibrational Medicine. At this stage James was already working on family and friends fine-tuning his own unique style of Vibrational Therapy which later developed into the Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy System©. In September of 2014, after many years of study and practical experience with truly amazing results, James decided to set up his own business. He decided to move back to Tramore where he was raised as he felt Tramore was ripe to accept a new type of health practice, a natural one that was non-invasive. As there was no such type of business in Tramore at that time he decided to call it Natural Healing Tramore.   

To Introduce the local population to energy healing, James decided to invest in a revolutionary bio-energy device called a Pain Genie. This truly amazing device takes a sample of the bodies energy system and feeds in electrical impulses that mimic the nervous system of the body, releasing any energy blocks which allows the body to discover areas that need attention. The brain then sends healing compounds called neuropeptides to the area of damage. With the energy blocks removed, the body can now heal itself. This revolutionary technology is now available to all Natural Healing Tramore clients.

James also works with people who suffer from a range of issues, from depression, anger, attention disorder, memory problems, bi-polar, add/adhd, electro-magnetic interference. The purpose of all treatments is to bring clients back into balance again, by removing frequencies within the body that are causing the imbalance in the first instance.

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