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Summary 4 Elements

The Pain Genie device is used for relief from all sorts of issues, including pain, stress, anxiety, depression, anger issues, emotional shock, trauma. This space age technology also dramatically increases the healing of sprains, breaks. James also uses a hands on vibrational energy technique called Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy© in tandem with the pain genie to alleviate pain with amazing results. For more info on Physical, click here.

James is a qualified facilitator and uses visualisation, breathwork and mindfulness techniques to help relieve clients from mental blocks and facilitate awareness for self healing. The hands on vibrational therapy techniques and Pain Genie scenar device also have a definite and proven positive effect on your mind. For more info on Mental, click here.

When Physical, Mental & Emotional bodies are in balance, this triggers spiritual balance in you also. All techniques and equipment used stimulate spiritual well being by allowing you to achieve clarity, balance and peace of mind. There are no religious beliefs attached to James's business. For more info on Spiritual, click here.

James is a qualified and experienced vibrational therapist, who has developed his own Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy© system, 3 sessions, head, heart & feet, for a complete energy reset, achieving relief for you with all sorts of emotional issues. James also uses specific relaxation techniques to allow him to access your emotional body, to facilitate healing. For more info on Emotional, click here.

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