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The element of Air represents aspects of the mind. For healing it represents looking after your mental well-being. We all suffer from negative thought forms which bubble up to the surface daily, disrupting our day to day tasks and overall well-being. These are past thought forms that need to be released and the only way this is possible is to become aware of them, find the source and release. You will be given instruction on mindfulness techniques to facilitate transformation in how you think. With my guidance you can begin the process of reprogramming your mind to think the kinds of thoughts you wish for rather than the types of thoughts you have inherited through all sorts of negative life experiences.

During the 3 stage Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy© energy work, emotional energy is released from the trillions of cells in your physical body, thus giving you access to the mental body for reprogramming.

I will use specific relaxation techniques to put your mind in an Alpha state to access the part of the mind and body which stores subconscious memories, giving those memories instructions to change their form so they are more easily managed by the conscious mind during your waking hours. Removing excess emotional energy from memories allows the mind to concentrate on what is important in your life and to find clarity, peace of mind and relaxation through developing new mindfulness techniques. As this is an interactive process the onus is on you to retrain your mind. My colleagues and I will help you with this process.


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