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The element of earth represents earthly concerns and for healing it represents looking after the physical body. I use a Pain Genie scenar device to stimulate and facilitate your own bodies natural chemistry lab into healing. This device is revolutionary in its design and application and the results in relieving symptoms of all sorts of physical problems speak for themselves. Please see testimonial section. The Pain Genie is only one aspect to physical health, you are what you eat, how you exercise and what you think about also greatly affects your physical well being.

So from the aspect of maintaining health through regular physical exercise, education on basic nutrition and health supplements to compliment your diet, earth is represented in these areas. I will assist you in discovering how you can transform your life by focusing on the element of earth and developing a training program and change of diet to gently change the way in which you approach food, physical exercise and choosing health supplements to compliment your change of diet and exercise regime. The focus here is to keep you well so you do not get sick, instead of waiting until you are sick and then back-tracking to find the cause of the illness or dis-ease. Where your body is now not at-ease.

The physical body also stores the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. The 3 stage golden ratio energy treatment© that I have developed works on all 4 levels, physical, mental, spiritual & emotional. Accessing the mental, spiritual & emotional bodies is done by a hands-on approach with the client, where the golden ratio treatment system© starts with the head, transferring a subtle electrical field into the body through the healers intent, visualisation techniques, and thought processes. The purpose of working on the head, where hands are placed on where both hemispheres of the brain are, allows the clients energy field to re-balance the mind through the input of electrical impulses to the area by the healers intent through the fingers. The 2nd energy healing is done at the back of the heart where the client will sit on a chair or lie on a bed, to give access to the heart area through the back. The healer will work on the back of the heart using both hands and will move around with the hands over the spine area. This is an interactive experience for the client as the client will be asked to engage in visualisation and breath techniques throughout the treatment. The best results are experienced when the client is directly engaged in the treatment and open to the use of visualisation and breath techniques.


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