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The element of Water represents emotional concerns and for healing it represents looking after the emotional body. The emotional body is accessed initially by using visualisation & breathing techniques. These techniques are used to put the client into the Alpha state of consciousness. I then use the golden ratio vibrational therapy system over a 3 stage period, head, heart & feet, to re-balance and reset the clients energy field. Protocols are also used to put new commands in to the subconscious mind of the client to help the emotional body develop new positive habits and override old damaging habits and beliefs.
During the 3 stage golden ratio vibrational therapy energy work, emotional energy is released from the trillions of cells in your physical body, thus giving you access to the mental body for reprogramming. Emotional energy is a frequency, this frequency is eradicated by accessing a higher frequency using specific techniques to access the consciousness of the cells of the body. 

I will use specific relaxation techniques to put your mind in an Alpha state to access the part of the mind and body which stores subconscious memories, giving those memories instructions to change their form so they are more easily managed by the conscious mind during your waking hours. Removing excess emotional energy from memories allows the mind to concentrate on what is important in your life and to find clarity, peace of mind and relaxation through developing new mindfulness techniques.

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