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Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy System©

The 3 stage Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy© energy treatment that I have developed works on all 4 levels, physical, mental, spiritual & emotional. The realisation I have come to in regards to health is, if any of the above are out of balance, you are out of balance. Accessing the mental, spiritual & emotional bodies for re-balancing is done by a hands-on approach with the client, where the golden ratio treatment system starts with the head, transferring a subtle electrical field into the body through the healer's intent(see kirilian photograph image below), visualisation techniques, and thought processes. The healer is a facilitator for healing with the client. The clients body can heal itself once the correct environment is put in place and the client interacts with the healer. This is an interactive system where it has been found through practical experience that directly engaging the client in visualisation and breath techniques greatly enhances the results.  

A discussion is had first between the healer and the client, to discover what the main issues are, why the client is there and what they want from the treatment. The purpose of working on the head, where hands are placed on both hemispheres of the brain, is to allow the clients energy field to rebalance the mind through the input of electrical impulses to the area by the healers intent through the fingers(see Kirlian photograpy image of healers finger engaged). The subtle energy field of the client will be transformed by this process, improving the holographic structure of the mind, allowing the vital fluids and instructions of repair to be sent to the area most needed. The healer is merely a facilitator for healing, the clients body knows how to heal itself, it just needs the roadmap readjusted through the gentle working of the subtle energy field around the clients mind. Results of this treatment have been to give clarity and balance back to the client again, allowing the client to be more focused in all areas of life, not just in health. New ideas for the future become more readily available as old programs are changed into new programs for creative development. 

The 2nd energy healing is done at the back of the heart where the client will sit on a chair or lie on a bed, to give access to the heart area through the back. The healer will work on the back of the heart using both hands and will move around with the hands over the spine area. This is an interactive experience for the client as the client will be asked to engage in visualisation and breath techniques throughout the treatment. The heart area is the electrical power center and feeds the mind with information as well as blood. Working on this area allows the client to release emotional blocks from the past, past traumas which can become stuck in the clients cellular memory, anxieties, depressive moods, anger, apathy etc. Results from this treatment manifest in a feeling of lightness, less moodiness, more positive action, renewed love for life, hope for a more positive future, clarity of mind, more motivation to change life and set new goals.

The 3rd Golden Ratio Vibrational Therapy© treatment is at the feet. This is a very strong visualisation treatment which requires concentration from both the healer and the client. The full spectrum of the 7 colours of light are used in this treatment to rebalance all major energy points in the body. Breath techniques are also used. As the healer and client work through this final treatment, all major energy points are rebalanced and reconnected while the healer focuses on removing all excess emotional energy out of the body with the help of the client. Results of this treatment are again a feeling of lightness, calm, deep relaxation, a renewed purpose in life and life goals, basic tasks become easier to manage. Old memories have less of an effect, routines and thought structures become easier to manage and change, clarity becomes apparent in how to change all aspects of life for a happier, more prosperous way of life.