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What is Natural Healing?

We understand how the natural body really works, where the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional bodies are all connected. This is the meaning of holistic, whole body connection. Improvements are possible as our unique wellness program is designed to work with the body, not against it. Us here at Natural Healing Tramore understands in great detail how the body heals. Our system focuses on 3 main points to trigger healing; removal of stress energy from the body(which moves the body from fight or flight to rest & repair), detoxification of the body(using natural salts & homeopathic remedies & nutrition), reintroduction of living food compounds and repairing & rebalancing the gut bacteria. We use a combination of treatments to help with the above process.
           Scenar therapy(see treatments section for more info)shifts the body from sympathetic stress to parasympathetic rest & repair. This world leading healing technology also stimulates all the systems and organs of the body into rebalancing and healing themselves with a 48hr window of healing after each session.
           Sound therapy(see treatments section) is used to compliment the scenar therapy. We use sound bowls and run them up and down the spine while you lay face down on the bed or sitting in a chair. The sound waves, known as a “standing waves” helps to dissolve stress energy in the body & helps to rebalance the energy field of the body.
           Mindfulness coaching and self healing techniques are also taught to the client to allow the client to help change the internal environment of the body & mind to assist with the overall wellness program and to maximise the potential results.
This system of healing was developed by James O’Sullivan after 10 years of very broad study within the global area of healing techniques and then also 5 years of practical hands on experience working with 100’s of clients who came to him with varying issues and who experienced incredible results by combining all methods discussed above.
           Our wellness program can also work online as we can post out all supplements, take hair samples and train you in mindfulness and self healing techniques by video call and sound therapy online, from anywhere in Ireland and the U.K.

Our Services

Scenar Therapy

Scenar therapy is the process of using an electromagnetic pulse device stimulating a healing cycle for up to 48 hours.

Wellness Programme

Our proven Wellness Programme makes it possible to experience fantastic improvements to many known illnesses.

Rahanni Energy

Rahanni healing is a complementary hands on energy therapy to bring balance to the mind, body and soul.

Sound Therapy

Sound healing works on vibration. Everything is a vibration and you tune your body like you tune an instrument. Different instruments are set to certain frequencies.

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness is the process of aligning body and mind through breathwork and relaxation techniques, by bringing your attention to the present moment.

Bio-Resonance Hair Sampling

The hair sample will provide a report to evaluate your physical, emotional and psychic imbalances and to identify organs under stress in your body


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The product has never been heated so the friendly bacteria responsible for producing the Acetic Acid are still active. Every ingredient is individually checked for quality and freshness before it goes into our Tonic. Each of the fresh chopped root ingredients are soaked in the Vinegar for a minimum of 1 month, which is necessary to extract all the beneficial components, such as Allicin, Curcumin, Quercetin, Gingerols + many, many more. The Black Pepper is added to help increase the bioavailablility of the Curcumin in the Tumeric.



James is the founder of the Tramore Wellness Centre, in Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. His business, Natural Healing Tramore, based in the Tramore Wellness Centre, has had a huge impact on clients who have attended his clinic in the past 5 years. In that time, he has helped people with chronic illness, seriously turn their health around.

Issues including: Arthritis, Migraines, Back/neck/joint pain, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Weight loss, Stress/Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Colitis, Asthma, Crohns Disease, Sports injuries, Memory Loss, MS, Parkinson’s, Vertigo.



What our clients say

This has really helped me I never believed it before I tried it.
- Owen Thomas Skavanagh
Following consistent and chronic pain in my lower back due to an injury I was asked to try the scenar technology with James from one of his clients who I am friendly with. To my delight I discovered I received consistent improvement after each session until the pain & discomfort was 100% resolved. An incredible product. You have to stay with it for a number of sessions to see long lasting results.
Eddie Keher, All-Ireland Kilkenny hurling legend.
Having suffered chronic tendonitis in my wrist and elbow for months. After 3 sessions with James I am fully recovered and able to train pain free. I cant recommend this treatment enough after trying numerous physios to try sort these injuries out.
- Gan Power

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