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  1. What is pain genie?

    A: The Pain Genie Scenar is an advanced pain relief device representing a breakthrough product which accelerates the body's natural self healing abilities enabling it to resolve a wide variety of ailments.

  2. What does pain genie treat?

    A: The pain genie is designed to stimulate the body into healing itself by communicating to the brain that there is a problem in the area of treatment. Because the body heals itself, the pain genie works on all ailments within the body, whether that be migraines, sciatica, elbow/knee joint pain, back/neck/shoulder pain, arthritis, torn ligaments, IBS, erectile dysfunction, to name but a few.

  3. What is vibrational therapy?

    A: Vibrational Therapy is the use of hands on healing or modern technology to stimulate the body into healing through the exchange of a subtle energy into the body. The pain genie is a form of vibrational therapy which uses gentle electrical impulses to stimulate the bodies own natural healing abilities. Along with the pain genie technology, James has devised a vibrational therapy system© using sacred geometry, sound therapy, shamanic practice, aromatherapy and other methods to provide a healing experience that is powerful and unique. Vibrational Therapy scientifically speaking, uses harmonic and higher frequencies on the electro-magnetic spectrum to pull the body, mind & spirit back into balance again. Simply speaking, when the human body is ill, the bodies vibration is not as it should be. When the human body drops below 62Mhz, the cells of the body start to mutate and become unbalanced. The lower the frequency, the more out of balance or "dis-ease" your body becomes. The human body is in balance when the electrical signal of the body reads between 62-68Mhz. The importance of eating "living foods" cannot be underestimated, as they all resonate at a certain frequency. The longer the food is out of the ground, the quicker it looses its higher vibration. Canned and processed foods have been found to have no beneficial vibrational resonance whatsoever, hence why there has been such a huge increase in illness in the Western world since the advent of industrialisation.

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