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Fire Tonic


Fire Tonic starts with raw, unpasteurised, undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar from Ballyhoura.

The product has never been heated so the friendly bacteria responsible for producing the Acetic Acid are still active. Every ingredient is individually checked for quality and freshness before it goes into our Tonic. Each of the fresh chopped root ingredients are soaked in the Vinegar for a minimum of 1 month, which is necessary to extract all the beneficial components, such as Allicin, Curcumin, Quercetin, Gingerols + many, many more. The Black Pepper is added to help increase the bioavailablility of the Curcumin in the Tumeric.

The Raw Honey is sourced from Youghal, the Bees from these particular hives have been studied by University of Limerick and genetic testing has indicated that they are Native Irish Honeybees. We like to help the Bees so we have setup an experiment to cultivate special fungi on beech wood logs which have shown to be beneficial to Bees in combating the Viruses that cause colony collapse.


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